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About Graythought


Graythought exists to create value—whether it’s by sharing knowledge, telling stories, solving problems, or creating better experiences.


Small-to-medium sized organizations partner with Graythought to improve their marketing efforts.


Creative marketing solutions, such as lead generation and digital advertising, can save you time while accelerating your growth.


Located in Hamilton, New Jersey, Graythought partners with organizations everywhere by collaborating remotely via tools like Slack, Google Meet, and Zoom.


The current lead time to start a new project is two weeks. Get started now to get your questions answered and learn more.

15 years of marketing experience, at your fingertips

Graythought was established in 2005 to provide web development and hosting services. It was a time when do-it-yourself website tools weren’t as good as they are today.

In its first five years, the company grew into a team of designers and developers, providing a suite of branding, design, and web app development services to small businesses in diverse industries across the globe.

Fifteen years after its launch, Graythought provides marketing solutions to select partners that have interesting stories to tell.

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Q. What’s in the name “gray thought”?

A. Two things. First, between black and white, there is a spectrum of virtually infinite shades of gray, representing infinite possibilities for thinking outside of the box and being creative when solving business challenges. Second, grey matter is the part of the brain responsible for sensory perception, memory, emotion, and decision-making—which are integral to marketing.